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The Bin Bathers Process

Garbage Can Cleaning

Self-Contained and Thorough Cleanings

Our fully self-contained cleaning unit will use hot water to high-pressure clean and deodorize your garbage, kitchen waste and recycle bins outside your home or business the same day your garbage is collected, following your local waste management schedule. Our system is 100% environmentally friendly capturing waste water which we dispose of at a water treatment plant.

You will receive a text message the day before service to let you know that we will be out and to leave your can(s) curbside and empty after pickup.
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6 Easy Steps

Remove Leftover Waste

One of our techs will inspect your bins and remove any leftover waste from your last trash collection.

Bins Lifted into Truck

Universal Lifter arms, on the back of our truck, grab your bins and lift them up into the cleaning area.

Washed Sanitized Doeoderized

The self-contained cleaning hopper pressure washes cans with 360° Extreme Cleaning Heads. Water reaches temperatures of up to 200°. A deodorizing spray is added last.

Outside of Can Cleaned

One of our techs will make sure the outside of the cans is cleaned by using a pressure washer on dirty areas.

Scanned and You're Notified

The Barcode of bin is scanned into our system and you're notified when we're finished.

Returned and Tagged

Bins are returned looking like new to the curb. They're tagged with a Bin Bathers card.

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