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Our fully self-contained cleaning unit will use hot water to high-pressure clean and deodorize your garbage, kitchen waste and recycle bins outside your home or business the same day your garbage is collected, following your local waste management schedule. Our system is 100% environmentally friendly capturing waste water which we dispose of at a water treatment plant.

We accept all forms of payment

Convenient Automatic Renewals

Residential and Commercial roll away bins

Dumpster Cleaning

Referral Program Available

Once a Month
Billed Monthly

1 Bin $12.50 / Month
2 Bins $25.00 / Month
3 Bins $29.00 / Month

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One Time Clean
Pay As You Go

1 Bin $40.00 for 1 Month
2 Bins $80.00 for 1 Month
3 Bins $120.00 for 1 Month

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Quarterly Cleaning
Billed Annually

1 Bin $55.00
2 Bins $125.00
3 Bins $185.00

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Also you can call us for bulk quantities and dumpster prices at (833) 90-CLEAN

Call Us Today

(833) 90-CLEAN

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Cell Phone Notification

You will receive a text message the day before service to let you know that we will be out and to leave your can(s) curbside and empty after pickup.

Sanitized, Disinfected, Deodorized

The self-contained cleaning hopper pressure washes cans with 360° Extreme Cleaning Heads. Water reaches temperatures of up to 200°. A deodorizing spray is added last.

Returned, Tagged, and Notified

The Barcode of bin is scanned into our system and you're notified when we're finished. Bins are returned looking like new to the curb. They're tagged with a Bin Bathers card.

is a GREENER alternative to cleaning bins yourself.

Our cleaning system is Eco-Friendly by using natural solvents that kill 99% of all known germs, fungi, and viruses, and recycling all water and complying with all EPA regulations. Manual cleaning with a hose is not only ineffective at killing microorganisms, but requires 15 times the water than a professional high pressure system. Wasting water will increase your carbon footprint and your water bill.

Our system is 100% environmentally friendly and uses a self-contained cleaning unit that collects all of the chemicals and wastewater to avoid urban run-off. In addition, all wastewater is disposed of safely at locally approved treatment facility. All the chemicals in soaps and degreasers don’t go back into your local eco system. This is better for your neighbors, local animal and plant life.